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Specializing in children's speech and language development​



Ithaca Therapy Works, SLP, OT, PLLC is a private speech pathology and occupational therapy practice providing individualized, client-centered, and evidence-based therapy to children in our community. 


  • Specialize in speech sound disorders (articulation, phonological delays, apraxia of speech) and early child language development (receptive and express language delays, gestalt language processers)

  • Provide high-quality and culturally responsive diagnostic and treatment services. 

  • Are a private pay clinic located on South Hill in Ithaca, NY (See FAQ page for more details)


$250-400 (based on areas of concern)

We offer comprehensive speech and language evaluations in the areas of articulation (speech) and language (receptive and expressive). Our evaluations are administered by a licensed speech-language pathologist and utilize formal and informal assessment measures.​Evaluations typically require 1.5-2 hours and consist of the following:Formal or standardized assessment that allows us to compare scores to similar-aged peers and determine if a speech/language disorder is presentInformal assessments that allow us to make clinical observations during dynamic communication interactionsParent/Caregiver interview to obtain background and relevant medical history.​​Within 5-7 business days following the evaluation, you will receive a complete evaluation report with formal/informal assessment results and recommendations.


$65-90 (30-45 minute sessions)

Based on the results of the evaluation, the speech-language pathologist will work with you to develop a treatment plan to address area(s) of concern. Treatment sessions are typically 30-45 minutes in length and vary in frequency per week. ​ We offer high-quality, evidence-based therapy services. Our treatment plans are individualized and driven by the interests and needs of each specific client.



Speech and language screenings allow us to quickly assess whether a comprehensive assessment in the area of speech and/or language is needed.​Screenings typically require 30 minutes and consist of the following:Parent/Caregiver interviewSpeech-Language screen in the area of articulation, receptive language and/or expressive language.​Immediately following the screening, parents/caregivers will have the opportunity to review results and recommendations with the speech-language pathologist. If it is determined that further testing is needed, cost of screening can be applied to the cost of the evaluation.

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