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Client Testimonials

W.H., Ithaca, NY

Last summer, we sought speech therapy for my then 6 1/2 year old because he had many articulation (letter sound) delays. From the time we reached out to Ithaca Therapy Works, we were treated with kindness, compassion, and respect. His intake appointment/evaluation was done promptly and we began speech with Miss Muriel soon after. We watched his speech flourish working alongside her. In less than a year, the progress was remarkable. At the beginning, his speech was unintelligible to many of his peers and non-familiar adults and now we confidently send him off to school knowing that he’s understood by anyone he encounters. It is a priceless gift and expressing my gratitude for it will never seem like enough! My child enjoyed and looked forward to speech each week because he was met with kindness, love, and encouragement at every interaction and had fun while learning. Ithaca Therapy Works and Miss Muriel will forever hold a special place in our hearts!

J.M., Binghamton, NY

Ithaca Therapy works has opened doors for my toddler and helped us to thrive. Jess has been instrumental in helping my toddler with a verbal delay. My toddler was delayed but not far enough behind to get state funded services which was very frustrating. I was thrilled when I found Ithaca Therapy Works knowing they could offer me private services and I happily drive 50 minutes each way for speech sessions. Jess helps to teach me tactics to help my son in everyday living while she is working with him. Jess is excellent at working with young kids. She is a master at controlling play so speech class does not feel like work and my son looks forward to his weekly class. I absolutely feel that without the ability to work with Jess my son would have fallen further behind between age 2-3, whereas now he is thriving. I am extremely glad to be working with Jess and know that I am providing my son the best opportunity for future success by continuing with Ithaca Therapy Works.

A.B., Ithaca, NY

Ithaca Therapy Works has worked wonders with my 9-year-old; when he first started weekly speech therapy ten months ago he was unable to produce the "r" sound, as well as a variety of other sounds. He can now say his "r" and is working with Jessica on making it a habit. In addition to being highly effective, Jessica makes sessions fun for kids and is always a pleasure to be around. She also makes it very easy to submit insurance claims by putting together a monthly super bill with all of the necessary information
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